Friday, October 22, 2010

Privileged to Serve

    Today three of the girls were asked, along with others, to help with the singing as part of a choir at a funeral.

"Privilege, huh?"

    Yep! One of our fellow missionary's Grandma passed and today was the funeral mass. Abi, Ellie, and Esther sang very well. The family was grateful to have music. Speaking of family, our being here, living in community, training with other, is a lot like living as a family. Our lives intertwined, their concerns become our concerns.  So we were glad to go and support our sister and her family and serve!

     When Lora and I got married one of our life goals was, and is, that we would be able to love and serve the Lord  and our neighbor as a family. We believe that putting into practice our Lord's words is one of the most important ways of giving others faith in Jesus.  Missionary life brings so many opportunities to serve and we have not even left our training yet, much less the country!!! As part of our training we are learning to integrate certain things into our life routine. They are Prayer, God's Word, Sacraments, Community, and Service.  Each day we try to examine our day and see where we have put them into practice. I will write more about what this list means practically, later on.

Please pray for our sister Andrea who will be delivering a baby any day now.

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  1. I need to get the e-mail address for you friend Missionary Jon so I can get some of those pictures e-mailed to me! I love them.