Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heading to Mexico

Hello all,

Well we are about two and half weeks from our first missionary trip out of the United States. Wow, from wondering if we were really called to missions to actually being in training and now our first trip. So the plans are that we are going with our intake group (the other missionaries that are training too) as a caravan of vehicles. This means vehicle preparation. I going to check stuff out. We are going to need new tires and there is another missionary family that will need tires too before we head south. I am going to change the oil and check some other stuff before we head down.
We got Isaacs passport today! So that is one less concern.

I have been working on some old gas heaters, converting them to Propane. They are old enough so it seems like it will be easy. But wow have we been busy, that is why the blog is not updated in a while. I should be typing my Biblical talk right now for a talk I might have to give tomorrow and we have so much we are studying. It is so nice to be studying again. It is a blessing! The scriptures are so rich!

But back to work!




  1. I have been waiting to talk to you all week! Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow! Love you!

  2. Arrggh! I just now figured out how to "follow" you, and now you're leaving! Are you guys going to be able to continue blogging? This is Rozelle, by the way... I haven't figured out how to put my name up there, it just says "R".

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  4. We have every intention of continuing our blog. So happy you figured out how to follow us. We are all praying about the trip to Mexico because of the violence. Hope to update the blog about that as soon as we have more information.