Thursday, November 25, 2010

General Cepeda

There is much to write about the last few of months that we have been in InTake.  Everyday has been jammed packed with activities, prayer, or reading (plus the laundry, thank you Lord for James who did most of the cooking).

front door to the mission house
Here are a few pictures from our first mission trip to Mexico.  FMC (Family Missions Company) has been serving in General Cepeda for over 30 years.  They have a mission house that was originally built in the 1700's the Hacienda for a Spaniard.  The part owned today by FMC used to be the servants quarters.  As we walk in the door, we are met with a long courtyard surrounded by rooms.   This worked out so perfectly for us with children because the kids could be outside all day long but inside.
  To the left and back are rooms with bunk beds and to the right is the kitchen and the dinning rooms

This is also in the courtyard.  All my children's lives I have tried to help them attain the habbit of brushing thier teeth first thing in the morning.  It wasn't until we came here and they found out that they can brush their teeth and spit in here did they brush their teeth as much as possible. 
Rebekah and Vincent in our bedroom

Mark and I shared our room with the youngest 5 children.  We had a full size bed and two bunks in our room.  Peter shared a room with the guys and the oldest girls were in the "hen house" with the other single girl missionaries.  Their room alone had 8 bunk beds.  So there is a lot of room in the mission house for short term mission groups that they host through out the year.
Here is the dinning room with 6 long tables.  There is a smaller dinning room as well for when they are not hosting a mission group. Marta (the cook for the mission house) is phenomenal cook. We ate really simply but    well.

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