Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come and See

So we are down here in the Big Woods Mission and we are enjoying being part of the "Come and See" Before we were actually down here, not knowing when or how we would ever get down here we scanned the missionaries blogs looking for "something", any news. We just wanted to somehow feel we were a part.... and the posts seemed to be few and far between, except from others, who also were discerning a Missionary calling. Now that we are down here I realized just how busy it is and how much there is to do. The call to Missions is "Urgent" as Mr. Frank said this weekend at a mass. He also went on to talk about how 2/3 of the world has not heard of Jesus. We believe it is urgent and are trying to do what we can each day and seek God's will for each day. He has given us plenty to do, but in spite of that I intend to update the blog with more stories and pictures soon. To encourage those who may be considering Missions and to keep our friends and family up to date.

God Bless!

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  1. Interesting. I know of people that say that there are only remnants who did not hear the Gospel yet. I will not say the names or organizations :-) Taking to consideration that the world's population is growing rapidly and more than a half (I think) are younger than 25... I would say that yes, many people have not heard.