Thursday, May 27, 2010

Isaac's Baptism and Rachel's First Holy Communion

Father Francis was so excited that Isaac's middle name is the Italian version of Francis(Francesco). Father Francis Blesses the water for the baptism.

And we were wondering who we would find to be God Parents 10 months ago, little did we know we would make new friends in Kansas City who would perfect! Keith and Iwona Majors and their terrific children Teah, Kevin, and Sophi. What a great family. They have a great story of faith, from smuggling bibles into Russia, to Church planting for the Vineyard, plus alot more,
and now coming home to the Catholic Church.

Here is the actual baptism and in this next photo Father Francis presents us with a baptismal candle, a symbol(light) of the life of Christ, which we the parents, the God parents, and the community of believers are all charged with praying for and supporting the growth of Isaac's spiritual life. The priest says something like, "May Christ find this light still burning bright when He returns......."
Isaac is wearing a family heirloom baptismal gown that his grandpa wore and all of the kids have at their baptism. Rachel is all dressed up for her First Holy Communion.
Rachel receiving her first Communion and with her Godparents.
Family photos and the Grandparents!


  1. Good to see all family supporting their kids on their first holy sacraments. Wish them all good luck.

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  2. First thanks for the comments! Second I am guessing I don't know you so I am wondering how or why you found our blog? Following the links on your post I would say because we both have "roof" in our blogs.
    thanks again!