Saturday, June 26, 2010

Group from the "Come and See"

A week ago Sunday we began a "Come and See" for those discerning Missionary life. It is also required for those who have discerned and plan to join the year long formation. What a great group. It is always exciting to be around those considering serving God in such a radical way as Missionary life, because they are serious about finding out God's will for their lives and not wasting it trivialities that don't lead us to heaven. They kids really enjoyed the group. The little girls had this group of guys out picking flowers. There was Sid, who is from Louisiana and will be training with us in September. There is Ray who really seemed to want to know more about the Big Woods Mission that he faithfully helps at and donates practical things like meat and rice to. Nick is from Arizona and is involved with Life teen and it seems that will remain the focus of his life for now. There was Tommy who is finishing his Masters in Theology from Franciscan University and is still discerning. There is Susana, from India, and she too will be training with us in September. And lastly there is Rebekah who just graduated from Franciscan and is taking a year to pay of bills and hopes to be here the following September. It was a pleasure to spend so much time with such a great group of young people.

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