Sunday, June 21, 2015

What we are praying for...

       We have been asked what it is exactly we are praying for.  That has been a hard question to answer as we have gone through so many thoughts and emotions these last 10 days.  As we began this process of seeing doctors we would go through times of hope that maybe the baby will make it to seeing how many problems the baby has to overcome.  If it was just his heart, he could have surgery, if it was the other problems without his heart defects then maybe he could make it.  But looking at the big picture, everything is pointing to the fact that baby probably has Trisomy 13 or 18.  We are not going to have further testing because the end result is the same whether we have a name for it or not.  So as things are now, we are waiting for labor to start on its own which should be around the due date which can be anywhere from July 4th to 11th.

       And what are we asking God for?  We want to embrace the will of God for the life and or death of our baby.   Fr. Kentench was the founder of the Schoenstatt movement 100 years ago.  He needs one miracle for him to become beatified.  We thought this would be as good as any miracle.  Our baby has lots of documentation of his condition and God could grant us his complete healing, partial healing, whatever. So we started a novena to Fr. Kentenich. but we have had many thoughts since then.  Who are we to even ask for a miracle such as this when we have friends and friends of friends who are telling us about their babies who have died after birth, or as toddlers.  They also begged God for the lives of their little babies.  Am I (Lora) only asking for a miracle because I don't want to go through the pain of watching my baby die?

      We are so humbled by the amount of people praying for us.  Family, friends from around the world, friends of friends, strangers who have heard about us, Benedictine Monks, Franciscan Sisters, Schoenstatt sisters, we've had a CFR priest (as well as many other priests) offer masses for us, missionary friends are offering up sacrifices.  We are so humbled by the love we have received.

       People are asking us what they can do for us and it is really hard to know at this point, we know we need prayers for the Father's strength to carry this cross, for our family to grow closer together, to fall more in Love with Jesus in this process, to be sensitive to each others emotions and needs.  

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