Wednesday, January 5, 2011

14 days left!!!!

Soo good to be home.  It is funny how endearing others can be when one lives in community with others.  We love our missionary friends.  Last night Sarah came home and we had her, Sidney, Jonathon and Kristin over for dinner.  Mrs. Gennie took the oldest five children to New Orleans to spend the night at the Granger's and then pick up Susanna at the airport this morning.  We have been praying that Susana would not have to return to India in order to get her Visa for the Philippines. 

Now we are getting the kids ready for Mission Formation.  As you may have noticed the date of our departure has been moved to the 19th.  Tickets were a little cheaper for the 19th, but the tickets are now bought!!! Praise be to God.  Thank you so much for all those who have supported us. 

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