Sunday, January 27, 2013

School for the Deaf


    Our time here in the Philippines has been and is so full of opportunities to serve God and our neighbor.
     As many of you know we moved into the Romero’s IMG_3591house when they left the Philippines. Inside the house just as you go down stairs into the basement there is a paper taped to the wall. I has the name above (Welcome Home Foundation) and a phone number written upon it. I have been curious about it these months of living here. Well a couple of weeks ago I received a text from one of their teachers and this got the ball rolling on another ministry.
      The Day we visited was exam day. Not all of the students were present because of bus fair. The school has 8 students right now and is privately funded by donations and tuition. (Currently all the donation are local) It costs a family 900 pesos for their child to live at the school for a month. Plus the family needs to send 2 Kilos of rice with their child. This cost plus the bus fair can be too much. The school would have more students if it had more sponsors.(There are more students who have special needs) Bus fair can be as much as 135 Peso each way. In US dollars this is about $30 a month, but this is beyond reach for many families. The students that come may also have some other health issue beside being deaf.
The teachers are great. One of the teachers, Elisa who is on the right, knows English, Visayan, and sign language. She first contacted us because she wants to learn more about her faith so she can teach it better to her students! She is so patient with the students!307925_290475434401771_377242540_n
Jean, who also works in the office is on the left.
This is Lota, the teacher’s assistant, who herself is deaf. She is amazing as well!
     After the student exam we took Photos(Filipinos love photos!) and shared a snack!
This is a picture of their library and play room for the students, especially those who live here during the week.
The school would love to have more sponsors, it is very simple, but clean, well kept and well loved! If you would like to help them, let FMC know or contact us via email:
Thanks and God Bless!
The Eckstine Family

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