Saturday, December 1, 2012

What’s a rella?

     We have been in the Philippines for about two weeks now and we are getting into a routine. It is hard to explain life here. Everything is a different speed, slower…people are less worried about the clock. Public transportation is very available and efficient. So in a effort to explain a little here are some pictures of what is referred to a as “rella” being shortened from Motor-rella. It is a motorcycle with with a cab over it for a total of 4 wheels, but it seems like a tricycle. When I was here in February, I did not think the whole family could fit in one…but we can! and I am sure the driver is happy with the 12 fairs from a load like ours.
living w-alvarez and new baby 061living w-alvarez and new baby 062
A multi-cab, which is larger and not powered by a motorcycle followed in the distance. They have regular routes which makes it easy to catch one and at 7 pesos, about 15cents it is cost effective.
living w-alvarez and new baby 063living w-alvarez and new baby 065living w-alvarez and new baby 067
So if we cannot use the car for a day or so it is not really a problem.

UPDATE: adding a video from our time in Camigun "passing a rella"


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  1. An update to the rella thing, ya we got our whole family in a rella and our friends, the Leanos. 17 of us, that rella got a flat tire and we had to get second one.