Monday, October 8, 2012

Going to the Philippines

Please pray with us as we prepare to buy our tickets to the Philippines. We have a had a busy summer and are in Montana this week as I finish up a job that should fund our airplane tickets. 

If you have not seen the new Family Missions Company website they should check it out, it is a significant improvement.

Here are the links to some stories of what we hope to help with in the Philippines:

From time to time missionaries get asked why we go to countries where it is predominantly Catholic already and as I thought about it I had two thoughts:

1. Jesus came unto His own, the Jewish people, a people God had picked out, whose whole way of life was dictated by God and yet many missed the Messiah's coming. So many of us need to be converted and re-converted, we know we do. Like the Gospel this past weekend, we need must enter the Kingdom as a little child.

2. St. Paul longed many times in his letters to return to the people he had already been to and had established a church there.

We go where we believe the Lord wants us. We long to go and serve the poor, those whom Jesus said what you do to these you do it unto me and we can personally vouch that serving the poor brings you closer to Jesus!

  We want to continue to thank all those who faithfully support us and thus support the poor and the spread of the Gospel through us!

God Bless

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