Thursday, June 30, 2011

Replaced the first net today!

     I wish I would have had a camera ready! I walked down to the basketball court for some of our afternoon, before supper basketball and found James Franke on the the shoulders of Joseph Summers who was balancing himself with one are on the shoulder of Marlan Monero(one of our local boys that regularly comes over). James is replacing the net! We actually wore one out already. It seems like just the other day when I posted to see if anyone would sponsor the basketball project.  For those of you who contributed,  specifically to the revival of the basketball court here in St. Lucia you would be proud and we thank you so much! Local boys and girls from those barely able to walk to 17 year olds have been coming regularly and playing basketball with us. Before our trip to Vieux Fort in the South of the Island we had as many as 10 extra kids eating supper with us after shooting some hoops. Not only did we have to replace the net but also a ball, Yep! we have worn out a Basketball already. It is almost smooth and no longer holds enough air, though Isaac still enjoys it immensely.
     I have been teaching the kids the basics of basketball as Cricket and Football(soccer) are much more popular here. We went from playing an almost no rules game to the boys knowing the rules, actually acquiring a good shot, and understanding most of the fundamentals of the game. One day I decided to teach them the game knock out. Knock out has become the game of choice and is probably played almost everyday, with or with out me there. Even Rachel, who is 8, has a method to shoot free throws for the game. She shoots a granny style shot as far as she can then get the rebound and quickly shoots another, much closer shot. She even manages to make the second shot and stay in a round or two.

     Basketball is one of the ways which we have created camaraderie and an appetite, which leads to some house rules which we instituted.
  1. If you have never seen the food we are serving don’t take a full plate. Take a little, if you like it you can go back for more. (The Eckstine kids eat everything on their plates)
  2. If you eat with us and it is okay with your parents,please stay for night prayers. They start between 7 and 7:30 and are over about 8pm
  3. If you decide to become a regular guest for meal, you will be assigned to a chore team and help with the after dinner and nightly clean up.
    Not that it has been all smooth sailing with the basketball at the Marian Home compound. We found out that there are certain places and times where dribbling really bothers Sisters, especially during their prayer times. The Sisters are great and only once have the ball been taken away. But it was a learning experience and I made them apologize directly to the Sisters.
     Another thing that has resulted from our friendships is a weekly Bible study for both girls and boys. It has been going surprisingly well and the kids really seem to look forward to it.

Here are some photos of the project:
First attempt to put the hoop together, later we had to move it to where the cord on the drill would actually reach.

Marlan, working on the back board
coming together, Peter is not really on break.....

carrying it to the Court!

One of the first

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