Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trip to Montana

Our Trip to Montana

Lots of long road and fields full of crops. Isaac is a really great traveler. Everyone is!

We stopped and relaxed at a couple Hotels. We used Rest Areas and Gas Stations for some much needed breaks.

We were able to do stop at Assumption Abbey which is in Richardson, North Dakota. Speaking of North Dakota, and well also of Eastern Montana it was exceptionally green there for this time of year. Look at these photos below:

In Sidney, the house as we began our project:

As the project unfolds:

some stuff to the street other stuff in the dump trailer (Thanks to Ed Deg). Then we decide we need a beam for the ceiling...

Its almost up there!

We took time for some fun! and the kids continue their studies......

and we took time to visit friends and family:

more progress on the project, we all worked together!

There is not enough space available to put up all the photos the kids take of Isaac.

The Awesome waterslide at the hotel on the way home!

We were so bless to have our break down right in the drivewall of Lora's mom's house!
Praise the Lord for that!

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  1. Great pictures, Eckstines! Can't wait to meet y'all again!