Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy Week

It is fast approaching Holy Week, Lent is almost over. Palm Sunday is, well, on Sunday. I am always surprised how fast Lent goes by. At this point in Lent, I have messed up on my Lenten sacrifices (at least twice), with God's grace have started over, and am wondering why I did not do more to make a change in my heart, trying to remember what I gave up and why. I wanted to make more room in my heart and life for Jesus. Really I want to give Him all of it, not hold back any parts, no sins or areas where I say "No",only "Yes". I say to myself, "This year is really going to make a difference(and it does) but I am always wishing I would have done a little more and done what I did do with a little more charity. So here are some ideas for this last week of lent:

  • Ask God to give us the grace to finish the fast, we know how weak we are, we know we need Him more!
  • Lets all try to attend the Triduum this year. When we put our hearts into the mass God gives us so much more back.
  • If you have not made a good confession this Lenten season do it now, if you have, consider doing it again.
  • Prepare to start a Divine Mercy Novena, the Feast of Mercy is the Sunday after Easter. For more info:
  • If you have not done anything for Lent this year talk to God about it, ask Him what He wants, Ask Him for special Graces, He is the prodigal's Sons' Father, the Good Shepherd, always waiting and looking for us to come Home, ready to give us the Fatted Calf and a party!
Your love, Oh Lord, is better than life!,

Lord, let this always be in our hearts and minds as we seek to do your will!

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