Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Watching and Waiting for what's next....

Well things have been pretty nice here in Kansas City, Mo. We are staying with Lora's parents and we have really been enjoying ourselves. We are praying about how long we are to stay here, where we want to have the baby, when are we going to Louisiana, what is God's will for us during our stay. I am working on some repairs on their house and am trying to learn how to balance a lifestyle of "working and providing"with a life with a more prayerfull routine, waiting and watching to see what God is asking next.

We have been greatly blessed to be able to go to Mass almost everyday. We are meeting tons of really nice people. One of whom after hearing our plans gave us $100.00 for our mission work the next time he saw us! Praise God!
We have had ice, snow, even a little rain. Now it seems to be trying to become spring, frost in the morning and sunshine during the day. I have managed to get stuck in the van trying to get a load of fire wood. This weather allows just enough frost to make the ground appear hard and just enough sunshine to make it muddy. But yesterday I found some other fire wood and did have to cut it to load it, it was beside the road. The van broke down before that but it turned out to be an easy fix with minor expenses that were mostly caused by my impatience and the use of starter fluid.

We are trying to go to Louisiana this Friday to visit and possibly leave our camper down there. Since we have found such a nice midwife, who is really working with us and Lora's parents are here we will probably only spend a week down there and come back here to Kansas City to have the baby. Also later this month Lora's Dad will probably have to have a kidney removed.
We are asking for prayers for God's guidance, His provision, a safe trip, and especially that Lora's Dad will be healed. God's will be done.

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