Monday, September 28, 2009

Sending in our application....

Whether it is faith or foolishness I don't know but we have made many moves in our short 15+ years of marriage trying to follow God and draw near to Him and His perfect will. We usually sense His calling slightly stirring us, then it gets stronger and things fall into place,(though not everything when we think it should), we make the move or prepare to then God provides as we do. He is such a Good Shepard! There are no mistakes in God's plans, because we are on a journey to the New Jerusalem, and as we humble ourselves(this can be hard) and constantly seek His will He uses all things for His purposes. This is a lead up to saying I sent my application into Family Missions Company on Friday and Lora will finish hers soon so we really asking for prayers for the Lord's will to be done. A few people have asked: "You have not been accepted and you are telling others you are going to be missionaries?" The answer is "Yes". We feel God is calling us to this life change. I have had more than one person tell me that this is not a poll and if you believe God is asking this of you, say "Yes".
I know we have made mistakes in our lives, we have not always waited on God's Providence and at times we have even said "no", but at this stage in our walk with Him we are seeking Him and trying to say "yes" more than any time before....atleast I hope and pray we are.

So please pray for us.


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